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Ripped Pants


Ripped up; Party time!

Hey there.

So I check the calendar and guess what, its just Tuesday! I started a new job which is exciting but hectic sometimes.  Am so tired and I can’t wait for the end of the week to unwind. Its been long since I went out and all. I prefer doing that once in a while, I mean, at least once a month,  or twice. Somewhere there. Am not a regular partyholic but once in a while it actually feels good to unwind and let go on the dance floor right?

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Ripped Up!

Morning dolls.

I hope this Monday morning is treating you well. I still cant believe the weekend is over.

My weekend was pretty awesome, Margie and I did a shoot for the blog and we are quite stoked to share the photos with you so keeping reading, good stuff coming up soon :)

I think I am the happiest girl in town since July began. I am, so happy the last 6 months are over. Thank God! So much has happened and I am very grateful that life has brought me to this very moment. I couldn’t be happier. The first half of this year has taught me quite a lot but most importantly it has taught me how important self love is. How important it is to stay true to who you are. well, not vanity but self love. Loving and accepting the unique creature that you are. So go ahead and love you, let no one tell you otherwise. Embrace yourself completely!

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