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It has definitely been a while since I posted but hey, am doing good. I hope you are too. Sometimes its okay to take some time off and rejuvenate. And as I did that, I got in touch with my African roots. 😉 I got this African dungaree months ago but never got the best photos to put up and share. But today, voila! I am super-excited to share with you the outfit and my favorite hairstyle! Yes, my afro! Many people ask what I do to get my hair to puff; I actually washed my hair with the Olive Conditioner. I also use a mixture of coconut oil, castor oil and Olive oil,(Very affordable) though honestly I had not oiled it at all for this shoot. You can try it; gives your hair a natural sheen. I will soon do a hair post once my hair recovers from the hairline loss.

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