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Today I turn a year older. Hello 24!!

  But as they say you are only as old as you feel. Yes, age is a state of the mind. But  to be quite honest it scares the hell out of me! Well, maybe it is because I always thought by the time 24 is here I would be a shoe size 6 or 7 or maybe I would be a five feet seven (5’7). However, the truth is I am still a size two and a half and for those times I am lucky enough I fit into a size three, well as for height lets just say I am still struggling at four feet nine (4’9) but I have faith I will make it to five feet soon (who am I kidding?). Clearly, there hasn’t be much in terms of physical growth over the years but that’s okay.

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Ripped up; Party time!

Hey there.

So I check the calendar and guess what, its just Tuesday! I started a new job which is exciting but hectic sometimes.  Am so tired and I can’t wait for the end of the week to unwind. Its been long since I went out and all. I prefer doing that once in a while, I mean, at least once a month,  or twice. Somewhere there. Am not a regular partyholic but once in a while it actually feels good to unwind and let go on the dance floor right?

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Tulle it!!

Morning lovelies

I hope you are all keeping warm on this chilly morning. How I wish I was sipping some milo as I am tucked in bed at the moment. Anyway duty calls.
I know I have been quiet, the last couple of month has been crazy for me, finishing school and looking for a job, you know those bills wont pay themselves. These are the times I understand what my folks mean when they always say school life is the best coz man it is tough out here, but hey growing up is a must.

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