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Winter Happy!


I am super excited today and coming to think about it’s for no particular reason…. or maybe it’s because today is Friday and that means no work tomorrow. Hurray! Or maybe it’s because my good friend, Wangechi, just sent me the most amazing playlist to kick-start my day. I have that stupid grin :) you know the one a girl usually has when she is smitten but oh well for me that is not the reason. The past month has taught me quite a lot and above all how crucial happiness is in our lives. Not that kinda happy you get when good things are happening in your life, but the kinda happy where you are just content with whatever is going on in your life may it be good or bad. I call it genuine happiness. I have come to find amusement in every little aspect of my life and I have laughed the most.

So go ahead and find your happy and hang on to it.

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