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chic and legal-crew neck sweaterCrew Neck Sweaters have been trending for a while and definitely count as a fashion must-have, don’t you agree? I recall wearing my crew neckto bed as a young kid, they didn’t quite have any fashion angle for me at that point in time.  These days, most of us pair up this cute round-necks with A-line skirts, denims, pajama pants etc. They pretty much go with everything 😉

Photography By : Brian Mwando

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Lets venture 2016

Happy New Year!! Well, it’s been a while. But we really hope your new year is off to a good start and that you are conquering your resolutions a day at a time.  We have been okay; trying to set new plans and goals for the blog as well. We have been off the blogging scene for a while now- we unfortunately lost both our laptops late last year hence the silence but that is behind us now. ;-)We are quite positive about 2016. We hope you will journey and venture with us this year, yeah?

Photoraphy by :Brian Mwando

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Chic and Legal- Simply Navy

Hello loves! :-) Thank you for visiting Chic and Legal today! Do you have that simple dress you just love to wear? It has a simple touch to it, a single colour, a simple design, but when you rock it you are over the moon? There is beauty in simplicity! That is exactly why I love this simple navy blue dress. Simply Navy :-) What makes me even more excited is when I rock it with a fancy pair of heels and my crazy hair puff. 😉

Photography by : Brian Mwando

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Sweater Weather


Chic and legal Sweater Weather

It is a beautiful Monday morning and after having such a rainy weekend (especially mornings), it is the perfect time to blog about how easy and functional sweaters, tights and boots have become to us lately. The Sweater Weather has kicked in and it is time to pull out the pull necks and other sweaters out of the wardrobe :-)

Photography by Brian Mwando

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Hair, HAIR

My 2-year length check

Chic and legal 2 year length check ISO it has been two years of having natural hair. Yeeey! I can’t believe this is my first hair post.  Actually my second. :-) Well, this hair birthday deserved good pics and even though my hair turned two sometime in October, I had to wait to get awesome pics to share with you my two year length check. 😉 And hey, it is Movember; men get to talk of their beards. Perfect time to shift the focus a little to my mane! Right? 😉  Continue Reading