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About Chic and Legal



We, Margie and Ciku, are the faces behind the blog ”Chic and Legal”. We are good friends who met at the School Of Law. Our friendship was fueled by our love and passion for fashion which prompted us to start this beautiful haven where we not only share with you the pieces that we put together and our personal styles, but also the moments that make us who we are today.

The title “Chic and Legal” was playfully chosen to express our style and the fact that it is legal to be chic. On the other hand, behind the name lies two great legal minds.

We thank you for journeying with us and hope that in one way or another, our different styles inspire you as well. :-)


About Ciku

About Chic and legal
Hey there,

I am Ciku, one of the faces of Chic and Legal. I am a lawyer by profession with a passion for fashion. In addition to that, I love cooking, dogs and travelling.

It is through this blog that I get to share with you my personal style and the little things in life that inspire me. Join me through this journey as we talk fashion and everything life! :-) :-) :-)




About Margie

 About chic and legalHello. I am Margie Muga. I just completed my law degree at the University of Nairobi.Other than that I have studied languages (French and Chinese) and have a passion for Music and Arts generally.  

Chic and legal was initially a platform created to let go of all the pressures in law school and life generally through fashion and my love for photography. Slowly it is growing from being just a hobby to me but an avenue to touch the lives of those who journey with us. It is an avenue through which I get to say who I am through my personal style. Having recently discovered my deep love for entrepreneurship I have also embarked on business and online marketing services which I also do through this platform.

I hope to inspire all, men and women alike, through my personal style and journey. My MANTRA is: Live life;Love life! We must make the best out of the life we live.Thank you for stopping by. :-) 😉 :-)